Take Charge Of Our Future


"When I go to the interviews and sit before a prospective employer, I'm going to try and look as employable as I can."

Ian Watson

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So often we drift into things because we don't know what we really want or the people around us present what seems to be "the right option!".  Our Employability Programme, helps students to look at their strengths, interests and "what gets them out of bed on a morning!"

Once students have decided upon the route they'd like to pursue, they then have to sell themselves.  Our Taking Charge of Our Future programme gives students the skills and know how to STAND OUT.

This day is aimed towards a whole year group, 5 workshops can be chosen which best suit your students’ needs.


  • Social Media Awareness
  • Interview Techniques
  • Letter Writing
  • Personal Statements
  • CV Writing
  • Application Forms
  • Job Search
  • Higher Education
  • Further Education
  • Apprenticeships
  • Study Techniques
  • Stress Management

Sound just what your students want? ...

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