Get Yourself Selected


"I had been a veteran of pretty challenging job searches, so I knew firsthand how frustrating, confusing, and demoralizing the job search process can be. Even after you get a job, many people join companies and discover in the first couple weeks that they aren't a good match with the personality and values of the company."

Kathryn Minshew


We deliver fun interactive sessions that make our delegates the STAND OUT candidate, MEMORABLE for the right reasons!

Recruitment is no longer a case of "who you know - not what you know".  When you're looking for a job don't assume the selection process will be an interview and nothing more.  Many employers use assessment centres to select the right person for their organisation.

An assessment centre is nothing to be afraid of, in fact they can be fun days where you learn a lot about yourself, meet other candidates and can be yourself.

Conquering assessment centres is all about practice and being prepared.  With some insight from experts we will help you with the next stage to success.

Our "Get Yourself Selected" Programme, takes you through all aspects of becoming employable through our employability team.

We cover:

  • CV and Letter Writing
  • Linked In
  • Social Media
  • Researching Jobs and Organisations
  • What's involved in an Assessment Centre
  • How to succeed in group exercises
  • The secrets behind Assessment Centres

You can purchase "Get Yourself Selected" as a full programme or we can develop a programme just for you.

For Application
Creating Your Profile
Selling Yourself
Assessment Centre

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