“Incite” Programmes

Launching our Incite Programmes

We’re offering sessions to support you.  If you need support getting a business off the ground, or you need a new challenge and you’re just not getting past the application stage – we can help with either our Incite Ideas session or our Incite Hour.  If your son or daughter is looking for support selecting options, putting together a university personal statement, or needs employability tuition – the Incite Generation You is the programme you’re looking for.

Our Incite Ideas Sessions


Incite ProgrammesWe’re offering free support to stimulate your ideas.  Whether you’re looking for employment, changing your career or thinking about setting up your own business, we’ll give you a free 1:1 session to “Incite Ideas“!

You simply come to us with your thoughts, dilemma, worries or fears and we’ll work with you to explore options, challenge your thinking and help you establish your motivation and passion.

This service is entirely free or you may like to give a donation to our Enterprise and Employability fund.

Check out our Incite Page for more details.

Our Incite Hour Sessions


Incite HourIf you’ve tried what we do through Incite Ideas, or you know what we do and would like to book an Incite Hour, we’d love to work in a more in depth way with you.  These are mentoring and support sessions for people looking for employment, in need of a career change or those looking to start up a business for the first time.  We can help you decide on your ideal job – if you don’t know what that is yet we’ll help you identify it!

Lost your mojo and unsure of the career for you – we can help.

If you’re struggling in the workplace, your job is no longer the same, the pace of change is too fast, but you don’t know where to begin in your job search, this session is perfect for you.

Starts-ups wondering where to start, feeling overwhelmed – our Incite Hour will bring focus, help you with your routes to market, identifying clients, collaborators, suppliers, etc.  We’ll even support your networking strategy.

Check out our Incite Page under Programmes for more information.

Incite Generation You!

Incite Programmes

Our Incite Generation You! programme is for under 19 year olds who want to match their education to a career, or applying to university or for employment.

You provide private tuition for Maths, English, GCSE and A Level studies, but preparation for employment and university is just as important.

Your young person will receive private tuition by a DBS checked employability specialist.

We can support for choosing options to applying for employment or apprenticeships.  We will make the young adult stand out from their peers.

No idea what they want to do when they  leave education?  We work on their skills, strengths and interests to help them decide their career options.

We support Personal Statement writing, Preparation for Higher Education – what to think about, what questions to ask.  We’ll develop their CV writing, interview skills and presentation.

If you’ve just received your GCSE or A Level results and wondering what next, or want to start planning for your subject options – check this out!

Want to here more?  Checkout our Incite Page or Contact us.

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