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What makes The LaunchPad Academy CIC unique is the way we partner with with businesses for the benefit of  young people and people who are struggling in their current employment.

Young People (Schools, Universities & Colleges)- Partners, associates and local businesses are integral to our success in helping young people make a seamless transition from school to work. We value the contribution of all those involved with us to help school leavers and students to understand the needs of employers, helping them to be STANDOUT candidates.

Adults - We support employers who have high levels of absence or during redundancy situations to help their employees to look at the issues they face, build confidence and develop the skills to become the STANDOUT employee.

If you are looking to return to work or to start your own business, we can help.  We work closely with counsellors, mediators, mentors and recruitment professionals in the delivery of our programmes and employer support.

Giving Something Back

Thanks for considering donating to The LaunchPad Academy CIC.  We work hard to make our company self sustaining through contracts and consultancy.  We give back ourselves by donating a place for every paid for course or programme.

There are people who would like to access our programmes but are either ineligible for support or can not be funded by an employer or educator.

Your donation helps us to provide 1:1 support that will get people into employment, help start-ups, or support young adults to attend interviews.

Our work supports people who are either at risk or are vulnerable.

Please donate here.  Every pound is appreciated.


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Our Employability Programmes are run in partnership with employers.  We have a over 45 years experience in employment and recruitment.  We know what employers want and our programmes, together with mentoring are set to deliver STANDOUT candidates and OUTSTANDING employees.



We have over 10 years business start-up and experience of running businesses.  We collaborate with support agencies to provide advice and assistance to help our clients on the road to self employment.  Our programmes help young people and those seeking to become self employed to identify their start-up plan, flesh out their ideas and manage themselves to make a success as a business owner.




We help young people and those seeking a change of direction to find a preferred route to learning.  Our programmes help people identify routes to achieving qualifications or experience they need to succeed in their chosen pathway.


Incite Programmes
Incite Hour
Incite Programmes

Welcome to "Incite" Programmes

We provide 1:1 sessions that are available via a booking system.  Slots are put aside specifically for people to access us directly for 1:1 support.


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